Burano, Italy. Island of Venice
A quiet, delightful island with picturesque pastel-colored houses.

❝ When I am lonely for boys it’s their bodies I miss. I study their hands lifting the cigarettes in the darkness of the movie theaters, the slope of a shoulder, the angle of a hip. Looking at them sideways, I examine them in different lights.
My love for them is visual: that is the part of them I would like to possess. Don’t move, I think. Stay like that, let me have that.

— Margaret Atwood (via darlingjustbehuman)

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I AM READING THIS BOOK. I haven’t gotten to this part yet, but I am loving Jaimie.

i still have 100 pages to go and i absolutely adore jamie 

Spirited Away (2001)

Adrien Brody
The Pianist


Chicago Fog / Michael Salisbury

❝ But I don’t want comfort.
I want God,
I want poetry,
I want real danger,
I want freedom,
I want goodness.
I want sin.


the slytherins making a drinking game where they take a shot every time draco malfoy talks about harry potter


Enlightenment | More

Credit: Dominique Arsenault via (500px)


Nick Frank, Munich Germany


there’s a hole in my heart and it’s shaped like bucky barnes